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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Chunte Ho

Chun-Te is a user experience researcher and human-computer interaction designer with transferable skills in materials science and semiconductor engineering. 

Before pursuing the MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering, Chun-Te completed Msc & Bsc Materials Science and Engineering at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, where he designed and developed expertise in new energy materials characterisation and synthesis.

Looking to leverage passion for tech-driven design and art, innovative product and human-computer interaction design to solve complex and challenging problems in a multi-disciplinary team with a visionary mind.

My sister was traumatised and suffered from hearing loss since the year 2021. She lost her right hearing ability which obstructs her from identifying the source of sound correctly.

1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from hearing loss and 448M people in the world have issues in hearing ability. Sound localisation and engagement for Deaf people are the major issues for their daily life. 80% of my interviewees from the international Deaf community mentioned that these issues limit their activities and sound experiences.

Beyond HearingListen carefully, what do you hear?
Sound Localisation
Prototype I
User tests
With this interface, Deaf people can localise, and feel the sound intuitively from a dual-sensory system. By a graphic interface, and a tactile feedback, Deaf people not only can localise sound but also identify the type of sound. Some of my interviewees mentioned this interface generates their Emotional Arousal, bringing sound engagement and inclusiveness back to their life.

Specially thanks to Dr. Lorenzo for helping me and giving me resources to learn sound analysis and several tutorials with inspiring advice. Also, a PhD candidate in Audio Experience Design lab, Becky's help on the knowledge of microphone arrays and sound localisation. This huge help from them made this project establish more scientific depth.

Thanks to IDE Tutors Audrey, Elena, Savina and Fernando's help on scheduling whole classes, guidance and cheering me up on my solo project journey, and All IDE Visiting Lecturers who gave me feedback that made me think more about what I want to achieve. Without these, this project would not have achieved the progress you see.

Specially thanks Iulia, who always can precisely point out the core problem I need to tackle. Matt gives practical prototype suggestions and that is super helpful for me to move forward! Also thanks to Peter Child's tutorial as she pointed out the blind points I never saw in my project.

Thanks for IDE Alumni Jake and Tobias in sharing their experience of the IDE journey and discussing with me about my projects, these helped me to review my path and go forward.

IDE cohorts are the amazing elements in the IDE journey, and I feel that they are one of the most important treasures I found. Thanks to everyone who has helped me and shared thoughts with me.

Finally, thanks to my sister and my family for supporting me on my IDE journey, you are always my motivation to keep moving on.

Scholarship of Taiwan government sponsorship for overseas study