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Harry R. Masson

Harry R. Masson is an artist and photographer working from London. His practice explores ecologies, with a focus on the relationship between humanity and nature, between an organic and fabricated reality. His work examines how our connection to the natural world is obscured by the objects, tools, technologies, and stuff we create.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, First floor and mezzanine

The Great Divide (installation)

“The Great Divide” examines humanity’s relationship to nature and the endeavour to make sense of a world increasingly filled with both natural and man-made objects. This installation surrounds the observer in an excess of images and objects that question the materiality of our everyday environments.

This amalgamation of photography and found objects exists in the divide between human and nature, between an organic and fabricated reality, contrasting the act of documenting and classifying the physical world against the experience of being in it and nature.

Through a variety of photographic approaches, including nature, still life and iPhone photography, “The Great Divide” expands Masson’s interrogation of this unstable relationship.

flowers through plastic fence


Photography, Sculpture & Found Objects