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Print (MA)

Jinhua Deng

My name is Deng Jinhua. I am from China. I graduated from China Academy of Art and majored in sculpture. I am currently studying Printmaking at the Royal College of Art

As an artist, I often participate in various art exhibitions and make different types of art works. Now, I am based in Hangzhou, China.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, First floor and mezzanine

My works are often related to emotions, which I am very interested in. I like to observe people, including myself and others. I like to analyse the behaviours of myself and others and the thoughts behind these behaviours, so sometimes I use it as my creative inspiration.

The media I often use include sculpture, oil painting, printmaking and video, as well as installation. Because of Covid-19, I spend a lot of time in my home, and frequently use software to produce what I want. These works can be thought of as sculpture, painting or photography. 3D modeling allows me to have more possibilities of creation that go beyond the boundaries of media or space. In many cases, I can make a lot of things that cannot be realized in reality, including special materials, space, etc. In the process of using it, I can always generate more ideas.

The body movements in this work I borrowed from a Chinese play, and exaggerated it somewhat. Based on this, I made some manipulations of the sculpture, simplifying and abstracting from a concrete shape to a simple geometric form.

I am inspired by procedural textures.

In computer graphics, a procedural texture is a texture created using a mathematical description (i.e. an algorithm) rather than directly stored data.

The process of making this work has no specific meaning. It is a purely procedural process. What I have done is only the most primitive concrete sculpture. The subsequent simplification and abstraction is procedurally generated without human intervention. That is why I call it procedural vision.

These are two examples from a group of digital sculptures I made using 3D modelling software, so they have no specific size.

As I described in my statement, I am very interested in emotions, and this time the topic of my research is anxiety. Anxiety is my daily emotion. Through self-analysis I discovered that my anxiety comes when the feedback from life does not meet my expectations for myself. I come from China, a country that, like many others, is developing very fast. Because of the rapid development of various aspects, many people cannot keep up with the pace and needs of this development, and worry about being replaced by others. As a result, Chinese society, like those of other rapidly developing nations, is full of the negative energy of anxiety, which can be seen everywhere in the news media, social networks, schools and workplaces. So, active or passive, internal or external, I'm wrapped in it.

Creating works related to anxiety is a kind of self-expression and self-catharsis.



In the age of the internet, what we see on the internet and what our phones push looks like our choice, but in fact the various platforms push each person what they like to see the most, based on their own precise algorithms. The internet has made people more open, but it has also made them more confined, and they have become more anxious.