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Print (MA)

Katrine Lyck

Katrine Lyck (b. 1992, Denmark) received her BA in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 and is now graduating in Print from Royal College of Art. Recent London exhibitions include Art for Youth at Mall Gallery, Art Refuge’s Wish You Were Here at Yorkton Workshops, Impressions at Southwark Park Galleries, RBA Rising Stars at ROSL, and the Signature Art Prize gala at Bankside Hotel. In 2022, Lyck was artist in residence at the international poetry festival Stanza in St Andrews, Scotland.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, First floor and mezzanine

My practise explores how a heightened awareness of nature has a nurturing impact on body and mind. The work is influenced by the collective experience of lockdown and a personal experience of chronic pain. The journey of healing for people with physical and mental pain has been challenged by the pandemic. As such, many people, including myself, have turned towards nature for its elaborate healing abilities. Even simply imagining nature can help rest the nerve system in challenging times. “Soothing Forms”, is a series of monoprints and photolithographs on silk, each piece focusing on nature and particular body parts. I attempt to convey a sense of rest and wellbeing by bringing together soft natural silks and the monoprinted shadows of plants on skin. The body parts are enlarged and become almost abstracted as the marks made by rollers and rags are highly visible. These works are an invitation to the viewer to meditate on these marks and imagine how this area of their own body can feel good with the sensations of a warm sun through dancing leaves and soft fabric caressing the skin. 

Monoprint on silk, approx. 109x87cm
Monoprint on silk
Monoprint on silk, approx. 126 x 90cm
Monoprint on silk, approx. 109x87cm
Photolithography on silk, approx. 80x50cm
Monoprint on silk, approx. 114x87cm
Monoprint on silk stretched on frame, approx. 60 x 80cm

A massive thanks to my partner Farhad, my parents Jan and Mette, Tong, Sharon, Skyler, and Sará for all the help and support on this project.

The work explores the healing energy of plants and botanical gardens. Leaves are pressed up against the glass of a hot house in a graceful and gentle flow. The glass sustains and imprisons the plants when they decay as they run out of space, reflecting the energy of mind and body. 




76 x 28cm