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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Scarlett Yang

Scarlett Yang is a hybrid designer focusing on material life cycles with biological and digital integrations. Having worked in couture ateliers, bio labs and digital fabrication labs, she develops innovative approaches on the intersection of fashion circularity, material design and digital technology. She has worked with global cultural institutions and leading fashion /mobility brands, as well as exhibiting at the V&A museum, London Design Biennale, with her works seen on Vogue, i-D, Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, Dezeen and Euro News.

Awards and achievement


Rolls Royce Art Programme MUSE - Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge Winner

LVMH Maison/0 Green Trail Award winner

The Mills Sustainability Prize winner

Dezeen Award long list(Sustainability category)

YouFab Global Creative Award winner

Show Location: Kensington campus: Darwin Building, Lower ground floor

Coming from a conceptual fashion design background before my journey at Innovation Design Engineering, digital design has been an integral part of how I approach creative design/arts.

Seen as a hope to deal with the fashion industry's overconsumption problem, digital fashion had been rapidly evolving in the past several years. Throughout my 2 years' in-depth investigation on fashion innovation, there are many new grounds for experimentations to testify how digital practices can truly lead the fashion culture landscape to a more positive reality. 

Critically reflecting on the trends and state of the art inventions in pure digital fashion, such as Web 3.0 fashion retail, NFT collectibles, augmented reality filter products...etc. I aim to map out the implications and applications of these technologies, to address the drastic disconnection between this increasing virtual-only future and our tactile humane bodies. 

Interwoven with consumer behavioural foresights, social experiments and advanced 3D, UI and physical prototyping, the project proposes a solution to seamlessly bridge the impossible virtual fashion identity to our daily life tactile utility. 

Skin is a ‘passport’ of your digital fashion identity immersing you in both the virtual and physical whilst retaining the tactility of our natural world - all in one smart garment label. 

'SKINS' gives you access to a personal unique collection of digital fashion assets, transformable across various gaming platforms as well as sharable on social media.

Explore real world utilities of game avatar fashion, consuming only 3 % of carbon emission of a physical fashion item. 

Validated through feedbacks with industry experts, theorists and users, the proposed solution interrogates the feasibility, limitations, narratives and commercial roadmap of the proposed solution. 

More development of the series of this project to come.