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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Shizhe Xu

Having a dual background and skills in industrial design and mechatronics, Shizhe is an industrial designer and tech start-up entrepreneur.

He specializes in creating disruptive and reliable innovations in the context of industrial products from the perspectives of demand, technology and aesthetics. Devoted to working with various parties to create high-value industrial designs for clients and users, driving substantial change for business and industry.

His design work has been awarded by IF, DIA, IDEA etc. and he has experience in mass production of several consumer products and components.

Show Location: Kensington campus: Darwin Building, Lower ground floor

In an era of camera democratisation and video explosion, people are obsessed with discovering all kinds of video shooting techniques. But the filming mindset of the existing instruments can hardly match the vast and diverse ideas that people have.

So what if we used a linear instrument to help people with their videography exploration?

Arbitrary Eye is a robotic videography system that applies interlocking form, enabling users to use their intelligence to create a series of line shapes that are suitable for the execution of their ideas. Typical usage include wider choice of camera positions, customised handheld shapes and various classic and creative camera movements...

In this way it helps videographers to constantly explore, experiment, develop and iterate diversified videography ideas. Thus improving the efficiency and quality of their video production.

PCA9685 16-channel 12-bit PWM Controller
Docking Point for Various Base
MG995 High Speed Servo Actuator
Camera Mount Clip
Prototype action & Proof of concept