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Service Design (MA)

Ziwei Tang

As a service designer with psychology background, I'm skilled in creative design thinking and design research. I am exploring the overlapping area where design innovation runs into the traditional design context.

Having experience living in different European countries, I am an open-mind person and a good team player in a multicultural context. I am passionate about using design thinking to solve problems.

I believe that good design opens doors of possibility.

As a mental health advocate, I am driven by the importance of accessibility, diversity and ethics within service design. I enjoy diving in and making a real mark on users to offer them valuable experiences that leave them feeling content and understood.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)

Show Location: Kensington campus: Darwin Building, Lower ground floor

Healthcare and technology go hand-in-hand. But the question on many people's minds is where are they going?

Digital health trends like digital platform, IoT devices, and virtual reality surgical training continue to attract massive investment, helping the industry improve health equity worldwide. Put simply, health equity is all about making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone — and digital health trends are the driving forces behind health equity.

With an interest in the healthcare industry, we are actively exploring and discovering the current state of cardiovascular disease in the UK: in England today, 5.9m people live with CVD, at least 435,000 of those have heart failure.

The direct and indirect costs of CVD to the NHS in England and the wider economy are significant: each year, England spends an estimated £7.4bn on CVD healthcare costs. The wider economic impact of these diseases is estimated at £15.8bn.

The burden of premature death due to CVD in England was 2,028 years of life lost per 100,000 population. We can do better. Together, we can act to reduce this burden.That is our biggest motivation to explore this industry.

Therefore, we are active in finding out what is happening to people with cardiovascular disease in the UK now, understanding their needs and trying to solve their problems.Through a variety of user research, we have tried to use technology and innovation to help our users with their needs.

Finally, by using wearable devices and platforms to design a service design for users with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases that can encourage patients to actively manage their disease through family support, we hope that each user can be empowered to better their health with the help of this design.

There is still massive scope for improvement. But the healthcare industry is taking innovation seriously, focusing on creating a better future and greater health equity for everyone.  

Cadio defender is user-oriented healthcare service to enable people with CVD to understand, navigate and execute their long-term healthcare programme on daily basis with family support.