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Jingyi Qin

Jingyi Qin is a Multimedia Visual Designer from Fashion background. Fashion for her is not just about garments and fabrics, but about rediscovering the connection between body and space and manifest it in visualization.

Her take on Fashion is about finding a way to explore and re-observe the space in which the human body exists, focusing on visualizing the dynamic relationship that occur around and within the body vessel, and then bring it into manifestation.

Her design methodology is exploratory, visual and interdisciplinary, woving scientific research and philosophical thinking into experimental performances and then translating them into visual design. Through both skin-based and digital approach, she create relevance between the science, fashion and tattoo disciplines, in order to build her understanding of the more-than-human perspective

“I think, therefore I am. 

The way I see and connect with the world, shaped by me. 

I’m the method. 

I’m the perspective. 

I’m Bacthonic.”

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor


Observe To Learn

Manifest To Create

Feel To Understand

BACTHONIC is a method to re-observe and manifest the space in which the human body exists as holobiont - a symbiosis system created by both human and bacteria. Through tattooing techniques and AR experience, Bacthonic use the embedded pattern as a registration mark to unfold the symbiotic world, to bridge the micro - macro, visible - invisible, science - art, fact - fantasy, digital - physical. 

This project explore the relationship between humans and the microbiotain the body, especially bacteria, taking inspiration from scientific research and translating it into aesthetic language, expressed in tattooing techniques and Mixed Reality, thus going for "Symbiosis Birthmark" based on the human microbial composition and bacteria morphology, with both 2d patterns and 3d spatial structures. Bacthonic present a more-than-human perspective by creating a holobiont world.

The subjective world can be shaped, you just need to create a way.

BACTHONICA More-Than-Human Perspective To Observe The Body Space




4 minutes
2D Registration Mark to 3D Symbiosis Form
Symbiosis Structure Library
Mixed Reality