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Jade Fan

3d artist, multimedia creative and cultural researcher, keyholder, JadeFan is currently based in London.

In Jade Fan's work, she is committed to exploring a multimedia formula for physical expression in her costume context, based on visual representation and virtual technology, and to expanding the future of human lifestyles through art and virtual technology.

Building an egalitarian and decentralized erotic digital world, Jade Fan's goal is to create a diverse and egalitarian environment for a vibrant adult culture community. jade Fan's work has been based on the dissemination of non-mainstream culture and the collaboration of people from different technical backgrounds to present multicultural and multi-media digital works.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

“It is only by way of pain one arrives at pleasure” ― Marquis de Sade

I propose a series of relational hypotheses based on extreme objectification.

The itCHI- sketch is a dark blueprint for extreme materialization. Based on the idea of the Tao, chi is a vital force forming part of any living entity. it-chi, on the other hand, means that each person abandons their inherent morality, and they can increase their value by completing conditioning tasks with them while being owned. Equality and inequality, worship and submissiveness are the key words here.

Itchi is itchy. A sensuality, a tense in progress, or a state of being in progress. Mistress J is a dominate lady with intelligence in the it-CHI sex chatbot. Anyone who chats with her will feel her power and creativity.

NFT and cryptocurrencies are decentralised, but this seems to be the opposite of traditional fashion architecture and human social relations based on power changes. On the basis of Metahuman as avatar I build sensuality on this egalitarian utopian and extremely centralised context to create Metasex - dark, beautiful, humorous, real, equal.

It-CHI is the starting point of this world, at this stage using multimedia visual creativity, a form whose content is still expanding, while the development of it-CHI towards gamification and wearable interactive devices has already begun.

Warning: This work contains mature or explicit content.

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Warning: This work contains mature or explicit content.

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