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Megan Sharples

Megan Sharples is a London based artist who has been working as a freelance knitwear practitioner for the last 6 years.

Their work discusses the values of craft and the act of making by hand in a society enamoured by capitalism, consumption and digital technology. By blurring the lines between the digital and the real - placing materiality and the touch of the hand at the forefront of their digital work - Megan explores ways in which technology can be used to support craft and physical making rather than replace it.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)Knitwear
framed picture of tufted textiles piece. Image of hairline and eyebrows mirrored horizontally to create face

During my time at the RCA I have been exploring identity and the role that our bodies, our clothes and the environments around us play in the perception of self. I am interested in the assumptions that are made from our physical appearance and how these stereotypes can be played with.

I have become fascinated with domestic spaces, both as an aesthetic and a location for storytelling. For me, the home embodies a dichotomy between safety and entrapment. A visual representation of fluctuating meaning and the notion that everything is not always as it first appears.

This body of work focuses inwards, on the aspects of my identity that are harder to talk about. It has become a tool for self reflection and a practice of sitting with myself. A way of embodying the darker emotions, exposing the parts of myself that have been hidden away and that are harder to talk about.

I invite you in.

Into my home, into my head, into my heart.

Come and sit.

Share in these moment of reflection, my meditations on self.

purple applique image of Wahl clippers
Buy Some Clippers. Shave Your Head, media item 2
photoshop collage of a living room with a floral sofa, a table with lavender vase, a rug and a framed picture of artist portrait
a poem
a poem
photoshop collage of a room. A knitted cocoon hangs from the ceiling surrounded by a scattering of candles on the floor
a padded cell with quilted walls with alone repeated in stitching. A desk with a potted violet stands in corner of room
a poem
a poem
photoshop collage room with lavender printed wallpaper, a fireplace, mirror and chair with plants in the corne
photoshop collage of round re room with chaise longue in middle
a poem
a poem
a photoshop collage of a room with striped wallpaper and carpet. There is a bed a shelf with 2 lamps and an oxalis plant
photoshop collage room with a dresser with sunflowers and eggs on it and a stool with dr Martens on it's legs
a poem
Physical Furnishings, media item 1
a purple blanket with cable knit squares that read 'wrap me in this sad'

Kay Cosserat Scholarship