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Peiyi Liang

Peiyi Liang is a fashion designer based in China and London. Not limiting herself to experimentation, she has stepped away from her previous experience in womenswear design to experiment in more directions on her MA at Royal College of Art.

She enjoys interdisciplinary integration to combine fashion with interaction design, Installation art,bio-design,etc. At the present stage she is more inclined towards mature and research-based design, and her work is passionate about many stories, social issues, groups and art forms, as well as explores and discovers the endless possibilities of the future. Her current research focuses on the integration of sustainable bio-materials and fashion.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

Peiyi Liang-statement


What will happen in the future?

How will we survive in the future?

What kind of a world will the future be like?

In the next few decades to a hundred years, sea level rise will have a serious impact on human life. Sea level rise will affect between 500 million to 3 billion people and flood lots of cities in coastal areas. Due to the scarcity of terrestrial resources, many people are forced to go to the ocean to survive. This is when the ocean became the new real estate resource for people and living underwater would become the new mode of survival. After a time when nature refreshed itself, people will realize the importance of living in harmony with nature. Through the time spent living underwater, the era of harmonious coexistence will advance through continuous efforts to live in harmony. I call this era Ecotopia.

This is an ecological utopian society. Unlike the past, people will no longer be dependent on the limited resources of the land and the ocean has become the main source of resources. Sustainability is a fundamental concept of this era. Highly developed biological and intelligent technology that will help people to live safely and freely underwater,and also will be used to maintain the balance of human and marine coexistence. How fashion will evolve in the context of this era.

This video shows a general overview and development of the project including concept, materials, and digital presented parts.

Story and background, media item 1
Story and background, media item 2
Story and background, media item 3
Story and background, media item 4
Story and background, media item 5
Story and background, media item 6
Material library, media item 1
Material library, media item 2
Material library, media item 3
Material library, media item 4
Material library, media item 5
Material library, media item 6
Material library, media item 7
Material library, media item 8
Material library, media item 9
Material library, media item 10
Material library, media item 11
Material library, media item 12
Material library, media item 13
Material library, media item 14
Material library, media item 15
Material library, media item 16
Material library, media item 17
Material library, media item 18
Material library, media item 19
Material library, media item 20
Material library, media item 21

People will be creating new materials underwater. Combined with the problem of cyanobacterial pollution in my home town, I chose algae as the main material to develop to create an algae yarn that is suitable for use in water. While normal biological materials dissolve in water, this is not the case with this algae yarn. It is also stretchy and flexible, making it suitable for underwater garments. In addition to this I also combined the algae material with 3d printing to create some three-dimensional structures. I have made a diverse display of materials and built a complete Ecotopia material library.

Ecotopia fashion, media item 1
Ecotopia fashion, media item 2
Algae structure
Algae structureThe algae will form a lot of structures with the framework.These structures can be combined and superimposed, and also allow for a rich variety of 3D variations.
Ecotopia fashion, media item 4
Ecotopia fashion, media item 5
Ecotopia fashion, media item 6
Ecotopia fashion, media item 7
Ecotopia fashion, media item 8
Ecotopia fashion, media item 9
Ecotopia fashion, media item 10
Ecotopia fashion, media item 11
Ecotopia fashion, media item 12
Ecotopia fashion, media item 13
Ecotopia fashion, media item 14
Ecotopia fashion, media item 15
Ecotopia fashion, media item 16
Ecotopia fashion, media item 17
Ecotopia fashion, media item 18
Collaboration: Scenic digital design - William. M
Collaboration: Scenic digital design - William. M

In the future, people will create underwater farms to produce these yarns. The yarns will grow according to a designed frame to create different combinations of garments. These yarn constructions can not only be applied singularly, but can also be re-organized and overlaid to create changes in silhouette. They can be combined with various techniques to create a wide range of style variations. In addition to decorative variations, algae garments are also functional to help people live underwater. For example, algae garments remain active by producing oxygen and heat through photosynthesis and respiration. In a certain way, this energy is transferred to the body to protect it. This is the fashion silhouette system of Ecotopia.