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Shan Hua

Shan's work comes from observations of nature such as Wind and Light. Shan is actively tapped into the world around her.  Her work explores our existence and the symbiotic relationship between natural forms and humans.

Shan combines a digital identity with fashion thinking.  Fashion is prominent in the portrayal of her characters, incorporating simulation, headwear, clothing, make-up, and physical movements.

Shan thinks Nature is therapeutic. Observing the wind blowing the leaves. Shan transforms the elements of nature into individual characters. They are sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel, dancing, soothing human anxieties and frailties. They attract her like Fate, everything becomes irrelevant under the irresistible force.

Music from Do hits/ Guzz-Cloud Forest
Music from Ala-⌘
Music from Bang on a Can

RCA x Epic

Direction: Shan Hua

Avatar & Vocal Design : Shan Hua

Music: Niu Niu Do

Special Thanks:Philip Delamore & Sam Chester