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Weilin Song

Weilin Song: AI visual artist & digital fashion designer

Machine and humans will always move toward coupling, and an evolved human will allow computers to be relatively independent. My beliefs shape who I am: machine culture will open up a digital cultural boom in the future, naturally. I'm aiming to help artificial intelligence to involve our fashion industry. Fashion is not just for vision, but for all perceptions from our consciousness.


Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

CO-DREAM: A virtual dream world done by computers and humans together. Imagine a dream world built by your consciousness and the machine, imagine your dreams growing in your body. Record dreams, from consciousness to objects, from think to see.

Every machine has its perspective to look at this world. AI brings a new form of life to the machine. The digital brain gives them possibilities to use their cognition to build their own culture. The relationship between humans and machines will move from enslavement to coupling. Co-Dream means that fashion is something that everyone can actively create, rather than passively choose. 

A virtual space for the mind generates in the metaverse.

Using VR form to show the environment from an AI knitting machine's perspective. Everyone can go into this landscape and get their own fashion and island derivatives.

The project is built on a virtual scenario of concentrated dreaming, where users can generate stylized virtual fashions in real-time through brain information linked in. As with Dream Island, these looks are also unique and are parameterized by brain information AI. It can not only reflect the brain's activity state but also be given personal value to the garments.

Tool: DALL-E MINI, Artbreeder, Runway ML, StyleGAN, C4D, UE5, AE.




The portal of machine culture Go through the portal and experience the machine perception.

Co-Dream XR glasses is a conceptual wearable device that includes a brain signal reading device. The device will be accompanied by other virtual features of Co-Dream.

To preserve the lightweight body and pure functionality, AR glasses are used first. other functions of XR will be installed in modular form on top of the host. And Co-Dream series of other content will be in the form of platforms and applications in the form of supporting software store shelves.



The project is an exploration of knitted materials based on computer cognition. The imperfect AI is implanted into the knitting machine to produce a new knitting form that overturns the traditional concept of knitting.

The content of the appearance is segmented to correspond to the brain signals, and dreams of different depth stages are reflected in the appearance. The user can choose the type of clothing to be generated or the area of the body to be covered for personalization purposes.

Any appearance can be stored on the server and can be uploaded to the blockchain for trading.


Tool: DALL-E MINI, Artbreeder, Runway ML
Tool: Artbreeder

Dream Island is a form of virtual architecture that visualizes dreams. Each island is unique. Each dream forms a separate island. Dream islands can be a kind of meta-universe building units that are stored and traded.