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Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)

Louise Lenborg Skajem


Royal College of Art and Imperial College London (2020 - 2022)

MA/MSc - Global Innovation Design

Goldsmiths University of London (2016 - 2019)

BA Design (Hons)

Paris College of Art (2015 - 2016)

Liberal Arts Foundation Year in Art and Design


I have worked in several industries including fashion, film, interior, events, garden centre, sports, props and costume design to name a few. All of my diverse experiences allow me to think and design across disciplines and problems and have a unique perspective on problems.


Featured in Dezeen, The Fast Company, Yanko Design, Wallpaper*, Design Week, Marie Claire, and more. Resting Reef (2022)

Bloomberg Legal & Compliance Pro Bono Program: Resting Reef (2022)

The Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition Semifinalists: Resting Reef (2022)

Terra Carta Design Lab Selected Finalists: Resting Reef (2022)

WE Innovate - Imperial Enterprise Lab: Selected to participate with FIERCE and Resting Reef (2022)

Part of the winning team FIERCE in Love of The Game Hackathon - People's Choice & Best Solution focused on Women in Sports (2021)

Distinction on the MA dissertation - 'Seaweed: Sustainability and Perception'

Part of winning team of RCA Grand Challange, Project: The Yellow Box -  Winner Project & Best Narrative (2021)

Business Founder: Hand Selection (2020)

National Skicross Team of Norway - Competed at Jr. World Championships, Europa Cup & World Cup (2013 - 2014)

Hi, I am Louise, a multidisciplinary designer passionate about materials, nature, children and sports. I would say sustainability is a key driver in my projects. 

During my master's, I explored the properties and applications of materials such as seaweed and oyster shells. One of the reasons I wanted to work with these is because of the abundance of them in my home country of Norway.

The main project I have been working on for the past 10 months together with my co-founder Aura Murillo is Resting Reef. It was shortlisted for the final of the Terra Carta Design Lab - an initiative launched by HRH Prince Charles and Sir Jony Ive, and WE Innovate Imperial Enterprise Lab. We will continue pursuing this project as a startup after we graduate.

Global Innovation Design (GID) has been an incredible experience that has opened so many new opportunities and has introduced me to some of the most talented people I know.

You can read my dissertation ‘Seaweed: Sustainability and Perception’ in the link above if you would like to learn more on this topic in the section above to the right.

Resting Reef is tackling two seemingly unrelated global problems: 1. Traditional burial options that are outdated and incredibly polluting. 2. Existential loss of biodiverse marine habitats.
Resting Reef is a memorial service and new eco-burial alternative that aims to redefine our approach to death and at the same time, restore marine biodiversity. We do this by offering people the possibility to create a reef structure with their ashes. The project was a finalist in the Terra Carta Design Lab, and a semi-finalist in the We Innovate programme from the Enterprise Lab at the Imperial College London and the Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition.
One of the world's most severely threatened marine habitats is native oyster reefs with 85% of them being lost due to human activities. There are multiple benefits in restoring these reefs including coastal protection, increased biodiversity, clearer water and carbon storage.
By creating reef structures containing bone-ash and crushed oyster shells, which nourish and accommodate for marine growth, we are able to restore native oyster reefs.
Redefining what a cemetery can and should become. A place that connects us with nature and reminds us that we are all part of a larger ecosystem.
Creating beautiful places for people to visit their loved ones and learn about the restoration work.
Resting Reef provides a unique ceremony and support for the loved ones left behind. The experience is non-religious and designed to respect every personal grief process while building a stronger connection with nature.
Personalised reef structures.
A meaningful memorial service that regenerates marine biodiversity, sequesters carbon, filters water and prevents coastal erosion.
A collaboration with the colour alchemist Bethany Voak was made to develop natural pigments that can be added to the oyster capsules.
Bio-receptive formulas containing bone ash and crushed oyster shell were tested in the native species tank at the London Aquarium.
The bio-receptive formula was tested in the native species tank at the London Aquarium.
Resting Reef was founded together with Aura Murillo, and has evolved from a project into a startup. Here exhibited at the Terra Carta Design Lab finalist exhibition.


10 months


Mental health (MH) challenges are the leading cause of disability amongst youth. They contribute to up to 20% of disability burden. ~1Bn people worldwide suffer from mental health difficulties. Suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst adolescents, and mental health is currently not sufficiently addressed in prevention, leading to a significant burden in treatment.

MH is a complex global issue that needs to be comprehensively addressed via multi-modal systemic interventions.

For ensuring ongoing positive societal development, MH needs to be treated with equal seriousness as road, construction, and fire safety or medical response.


Won The Grand Challenge as one of the three winning projects. In addition, the project won the additional prize for the best narrative.

FIERCE is an appealing headgear that detects and tracks head injuries athletes often are exposed to during training and competitions. This headband is aesthetically pleasing which is important in high-performance sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics and figure skating. FIERCE is unique in its approach as it meets the athlete's desire to look good while wearing headgear.
The headband can be personalised to match the uniform. There is a complimentary app that allows real-time monitoring for parents and coaches. "We want to empower athletes and make them feel fierce with our headbands. We believe headgear can only serve its purpose if it is worn."
Head injuries are a common risk in many sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics and figure skating. In these high-performance sports, it is important to look good as points are awarded for aesthetics.


Winner of People’s Choice & Best Solution focused on Women in Sports in the Love of The Game Hackathon.

Selected for the WE Innovate accelerator at the Imperial Enterprise Lab

Pitching at Love of The Game Demo-day

There is a lack of data from younger children in refugee camps on their mental health and well-being. Many of these children have experienced trauma, and might not be capable of expressing themselves through a written or spoken language.
Seen:voices is an art-based mental health support system for refugee children aged 5–10 aiming to represent their unheard voices as a collective experience. Initially intended as a way of exploring traumatic experiences in a non-threatening way. It allows the voices of children in refugee camps to be heard and valued.
Through generating quantitative data on how they feel, organisations and institutions can get informed on what's on the child's mind. This information signal what kind of mental health support they may need.


3 weeks