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Yang Jiao

Yang Jiao is a womenswear designer from China, based in London now. She always maintains a personal perspective of interest, penetrating children's innocence into her personal understanding of the changing world. She tries to explore the essence of simplicity and unity in complex changes.

Focusing on more possibilities of clothing as a manufacturing industry, she attempts to remove the boundaries between fashion items and entertainment products. Currently, her work is aimed at re-establishing a more relaxing and unique relationship between people and clothing.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

In the modern lifestyle, we want more from ourselves also we want more from our clothes. What attracts me is the idea of adaptivity and giving the garment a changeable and longer life. 

When I was young, I had to wear old clothes passed down from my elder sisters, these interesting unsuitable clothes were almost my favorite plaything so I always have many fantasies about them. I hope that the garments can be adjusted or assembled by the wearers themselves, and even turned into other things like accessories. So I try to find more possibilities of ways of dressing and designing to make them changeable and transformable, also make it joyful and meaningful for both wearers and designers.

I extracted the assemble methods from packaging boxes, they are attractive to me because they can support connections by their own shape changes without any other materials. Thus I developed many other connection methods which are changable for people to assemble them into unique sizes for themselves. Meanwhile, they are non-sewing to replace the traditional connection methods of clothing. 

I developed the assembling system further and tried to make the garments fit multiple bodies. I invited different people with different identities, preferences, and body shapes to wear the same clothes to see how they worked on different bodies and to balance different physical characteristics.

To further develop this system, there are infinite possibilities of connecting and assembling methods, a dress can be completely assembled into different sizes by the wearer, a top can be transformed into a bag, a certain piece of a coat can be disassembled and turned into a cap, etc. The system can also be applied in other areas of daily life, the wearer could play with it at will and explore more possibilities.