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Yeonwoo Oh

Yony Oh is a South Korean Fashion Designer based in London. 

On the Fashion MA, Yony focused on the revitalization of artificial waste using modern technology and its potential as a sustainable fashion material.

The primary aim of this project is to to gain insight of the unique aesthetics of the various discarded industrial waste beyond their original functional context, and attribute new value and life to the discarded objects by utilizing the modern developed scientific technology to give birth to new products. 

Through this artwork, She want to convey how artificial things created by humans, communicate with humans, not from the perspective of humans. And she want to convey her beliefs on sustainable fashion and ethical fashion as a performance to the audience. 

We live in an era in which we are ironically threatened by artificial beings created for human life and convenience.

Through this study, I disintegrated and took apart industrial waste that had once been produced by human need and discarded to directly assess their unique aesthetics and to attribute new value and life to the discarded goods through modern technologies to recreate them into new fashion products.

To that end, fundamental action and examples are sought for positive change of awareness for the lifecycle of artificial objects.

Biological Paradigms

From the Biological Cell membrane structure, where small single cells are gathered to complete the structure of one large cell, I got an idea to integrate artificial waste that is decomposed and discarded into small pieces into one large unit.

The ideas for integrating decomposed and discarded materials into one large mass came from an interlocking system, an alignment favorable for interlocked structure, such as stacking, weaving, and knitting and the principles of biological membrane structure of living things.

Methodology_Geometric Topology

The 3d simulation video describes the first phase of a parallel study of computational simulation, design, and combination approaches of biological cell membrane structures to demonstrate the regenerative potential of discarded artificial waste. 

The designed forms inflate against each other to form a successful tight, closed weave.

Computational and geometrical analysis allow each component to be properly designed and aligned to create new large-scale lightweight structures. In other words, each of the pieces can be connected into large-scale structure of various forms depending on what forms they are designed into and which structures they are connected into. 

Breathing In Breathing Out

In order to research and develop a system that can integrate and automatically control the individual units created as a result of prior practice into one large structure, research has been conducted to apply Arduino technology.

This is a technology selected to effectively use, integrate, and control units created through prior practice 

To overcome the limitations of materials regardless of the type of artificial waste, efforts were made to revitalize waste created in the past with modern technology. 

I have made efforts to accurately understand the nature of discarded materials and utilize the various existing digital and computer technologies to maximize the strengths and complement shortcomings of the materials to regenerate them into materials one step further developed compared to the original nature of the materials. 

Plus Minus Zero_Project001_Micro Macro

This artwork shows the Revitalization of Artificial Waste Using Modern Technology and its Potential as a Sustainable Fashion Material. The work expresses the 'breathing object' that mimics the rhythmic nature of a creature breathing. While each of the objects seem separate, they are connected closely to each other through a tubing hose. When air is injected to a specific object, each of the closely connected object receives air through tubing hose.

You can view the video through the link below.

Making Process Video

Plus Minus ZERO, 2022

You can view the video through the link below.